When you do what you love,
every day is the best day ever!

Sergey Gordienko, aka Do What You Love Artist, is a renowned multi- disciplinary visual artist with over 20 years of experience.

Sergey’s works are full of colors, positive energy, and love. All of his art shares a common theme: his main motto, mantra, and message is “DO WHAT YOU LOVE.” He believes that “If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.”

Sergey’s mission is to inspire and encourage people to follow their passions, reminding them that it’s the key to happiness and fulfillment. He conveys this message through his art, which serves as a powerful reminder to people of all ages and backgrounds. His unique style and vibrant colors are instantly recognizable, and his art has been collected by successful and happy people around the globe.

Sergey’s work is available in various media, including canvases, murals, jackets, cars, shoes, bags, and digital art. His NFT art pieces are also available on major marketplaces.

Sergey pioneered the crypto art movement in 2017, inspired by the rise of blockchain and bitcoin. His crypto art piece even graces the Mayor of Miami’s office wall.

Sergey’s talent has been recognized by several media outlets, including Forbes magazine. His artwork has been showcased in prestigious art exhibitions in the US and Europe. Sergey also speaks at top crypto conferences and forums in Miami and donates his artworks every year to various charity organizations to support kids and stop the war in Ukraine.

Besides his creative pursuits, Sergey lives a healthy, sustainable, and conscious life. He practices yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other spiritual activities. Chess is another passion of his. He shares his life with his beloved companion dog, Magic.

  • 2023
  • Tulum Crypto Club
  • Tulum Crypto Fest
  • Art Exhibit at the Deck  Island Gardens
  • Bitcoin 20203 Conference
  • Aurea Leaders Art Expo and Workshop
  • Annual Charity Event “Art from the Heart” at Paradise Plaza
  • Group Artist Exhibition at The Deck Island Gardens
  • Art Exhibit & live painting at Oddito Gallery Palm Beach
  • March Art Walk Hollywood
  • Art Show at ArtGallery Aventura
  • Crypto Connect Expo
  • Epic Talks
  • Solo Art show at Purple Palms Gallery
  • Live Performance at Picadillo Gallery
  • 2022
  • Eclectic Elements Art Soiree
  • Solo Art Show at Picadillo Gallery
  • Art Basel Spectrum
  • Crypto Connect Expo
  • Solo Art show at Purple Palms Gallery
  • Live Performance at Picadillo Gallery
  • Eclectic Elements Art Soiree
  • Tulum Crypto Club
  • Tulum Crypto Fest
  • Miami NFT Week
  • Shitcoin Conference  ’22
  • Bitcoin Conference ’22
  • BTC 22 SouthBeach Block Party
  • Miami Bitcoin Meetup by IABA
  • Art from the Heart Charity Event
  • Do What You Love DAO Presentation
  • North America Bitcoin Conference 
  • 2021
  • Miami Crypto Exp 2021
  • NFT Tuesday Exhibit at Faena SoBe
  • Charity Event Silent Victims of Crime
  • Mining Disrupt 2021
  • EPIC Talks SLS South Beach
  • Bitcoin 2021 Conference Miami
  • Grand Opening Do What You Love South Beach
  • Crypto Experience
  • Annual Charity Event “Art from the Heart”
  • Art Bound Miami
  • 2020
  • Art Exhibit at YVE Hotel & Live Performance
  • Solo Art Exhibit at Inhale Miami
  • Live Painting Day Breaker
  • Art Show at Prestige Gallery Design District
  • Art Show at The Cruz Building
  • Art Exhibit at Miami Convention Center
  • Art Show at SweetSpot Wynwood
  • Art Exhibit Blockchain Miami Week
  • 2019
  • Live Painting at The Sacred Space
  • Live Painting at Upper Buena Vista
  • Miami Art Week – Blockchain center Miami
  • Miami Art Week – Life painting at CryptoCaste
  • Miami Art Week – ArtMobile Exhibition
  • Miami Art Week – CADAF Exhibition
  • Do What You Love Solo Art Exhibition at Paseo Wynwood
  • Conception Art Show
  • Mining Disrupt Conference
  • Blockchain center Grand Opening Miami
  • ARTGALORI Exhibit
  • Charity Event Art From the Heart 
  • RAW Artist Miami
  • 2018
  • North America Bitcoin Conference 
  • Art Decentralized Miami Art Week at Nikki Beach
  • Blockchain Shift Conference and Art Showcase
  • Miami Limited Edition Gallery exhibit
  • Centro MTSG Art Exhibit
  • Red Dot Art Fair