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Sergey Gordienko is the world-renowned “Do What You Love” artist from Vladivostok, Russia who is currently creating colorful, happy and inspirational art with a lot of love from his magical creative studio located in downtown Miami, Florida. For over 15 years, Sergey worked as a Creative Director, Filmmaker and Visual Artist in Moscow and California. Creativity is in Sergey’s heart.
Sergey creates his colorful ❤️-felt inspiring artworks on canvases, clothing, shoes, walls and automobiles with his inspirational message for all to “Do What You Love!” Life is too short to do anything but what you love to do.
In 2020, Sergey will unveil his “Do What You Love” jewelry collection for men and women. With an affordable line for all to lovingly wear Sergey’s art.
Sergey’s artworks and sculpture collectors are in all corners of the world-even as far as Japan and Australia.
Sergey has been featured in “Forbes” magazine, listed in the National Trust For Historic Preservation for his artwork on a historic Miami Marine Stadium seat and, has recently, exhibited in nearly every notable artwork exhibit in the South Florida area.


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  • Live Painting at The Sacred Space December 31th
  • Live Painting January 11th


  • Live Painting at Upper Buena Vista December 12th
  • Miami Art Week – Blockchain center Miami 4-9th
  • Miami Art Week – Life painting at CryptoCaste 7th th
  • Miami Art Week – ArtMobile’19 Exhibition December 4-9th
  • Miami Art Week – CADAF’19 Exhibition December 5-8th
  • Do What You Love Solo Art Exhibition at Paseo Wynwood. November ’19
  • Conception Art Show August ’19 
  • Mining Disrupt Conference July ’19
  • Blockchain center Grand Opening Miami June ’19
  • ARTGALORI Exhibit May ’19
  • Art From the Heart April ’19
  • RAW Artist Miami April ’19
  • The North America Bitcoin Conference December ’18
  • Art Decentralized Miami Art Week’18 at Nikki Beach ’18
  • Blockchain Shift Conference and Art Showcase. October ’18
  • Miami Limited Edition Gallery exhibit. June – November ’18
  • Centro MTSG Art Exhibit. May ’18
  • Red Dot Art Fair. December ’17


Featured in:

  • Anzhelika

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