The pandemic has shut the art world down as museums and galleries lock their doors all across Miami, but one prominent local artist has found a way to support out of work artists while commenting on the crisis. Sergey Gordienko is a fixture of the Miami arts scene and his “Do What You Love” campaign was a highlight of the 2019 season. Now Sergey turns his attention to spreading awareness and love in the time of this Pandemic with a new campaign that focuses its energy on keeping us all safe. StaySafeBro was born as a way for artists to be active, to have a voice in this difficult time and to earn money while the world is shut down. StaySafeBro will be donating a portion of the proceeds to help with the WHO support and relief efforts for the pandemic. Most of the proceeds, however, will go to local Miami artists struggling to make ends meet waiting for the world to find a new normal.

Whether it’s a profane reminder to wash your hands, a serious plea for awareness, or an openly defiant statement against the virus, StaySafeBro gear walks the line between art and a social awareness campaign. StaySafeBro is one of the Miami art scene’s collective coping strategies for dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Our responsibility does not end after the pandemic is over,” said Sergey Gordienko, “The shared experience of art will endure these terrible times as they have before. We are just making this effort to bring a small amount of hope into the world. Not just for the people, but for the artists too, who are struggling to find work at this time.”

Mr Gordienko has even included designer face cover ups along with Stay Safe Bro’s offering of unique t-shirts. The baklava or face covering will be an essential part of daily fashion. One of the most popular offerings combines his two campaigns and reads: Do what you love… Inside.

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Written by
Sergey Gordienko
Sergey Gordienko aka LSKiP. International visual artist based in Miami, FL.